Termomeccanica Pompe's main La Spezia production facilities include a unique Test Center, which is amongst the largest and best equipped in Europe. It covers a total area of approx. 4.000 m² and allows to perform: 

  • Full scale performance tests on 100% of the pumps manufactured
  • Contractual model tests
  • Validation of new hydraulics for product development
The Test Centre is equipped with a total of 7 test loops which main features are:
  • maximum test power: up to 18 MW at 50 Hz and 4 MW at 60 Hz
  • maximum test flow rateup to 65,000 m³/h
  • n°1 open loop for vertical pumps tests with gates system: basin dimensions: 15m long x 5m wide x 10m deep
  • n°1 open circuit loop for horizontal pumps tests: up to 22,000 m³/h, up to 14MW, up to 400barG
  • n°1 closed circuit loop for high temp., high pressure water horizontal pumps tests: up to 200°C, 2,400 m³/h, 400 barG
  • n°1 closed circuit vacuum loop: up to 4,500 m³/h, 400 kW, -0.85 barG
  • n°1 closed circuit vacuum loop for API 610 OH2 pumps: up to 75 kW, 500 kW and 850 kW, -0.9 barG
  • n°1 test loop for API 610 VS4 & VS6 pumps: up to 18.5 kW, 75 kW and 250 kW
  • n°1 closed circuit loop with diathermic oil for high temperature API 610 process pumps: up to 350°C, 30 barG

Control Room

Each test session is conducted from the control room which is equiped with a remote control system using analogic transducers and a series of analogic/ digital converters that allow to transfer and collect data from the test beds.

New Feature - RWTS (Remote Witness Testing System)

All Termomeccanica Pompe's testing facilities have been equipped to support remote witness testing.
The innovative digital witness test alternative offered was developed to cater to our customers & end users need for an ever more efficient management of their projects.
It is particularly important to highlight that the RWTS proposed by TMP is an integral part of the company's QMS and therefore offers the same level of quality and reliabilty than the in-person testing.
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