Spare parts supply
Termomeccanica Pompe supplies spare parts & components for its pumps, guaranteeing customers the quality and reliability only an Original Equipment Manufacturer can.
TMP offers its customers customized contract options aimed at improving spare parts management, a key factor in reducing a plant's OPEX. Contact us for any further info on this topic.
Maintenance - Overhauling, Refurbishment & Repair
Termomeccanica Pompe offers maintenance services - overhauling, refurbishment and repair - on all types and OEMs' rotating as well as reciprocating machines such as pumps, gearboxes, valves, gas/steam/hydraulic turbines, compressors and generators.
Reverse Engineering
Thanks to its extensive OEM experience, Termomeccanica Pompe offers a high-quality reverse engineering service on pump components as well as entire pumps, whether they be from its own range or other OEMs'.
A TMP reversed engineered component is fully interchangeable with the original one (identical shapes + interfaces) while increasing the performance and extending the life of the pump it is part of.
Termomeccanica Pompe offers rotating equipment upgrading services, which include:
  • Material upgrading (e.g. from cast iron or Ni resist to Duplex or Superduplex stainless steel)
  • performance change (flow, head, NPSH, etc.)
  • driving system's improvement (VFD, hydraulic coupling, etc.)
  • pump shaft sealing system modification (eg. from gland packing to mechanical seal)
  • control & diagnostics systems' implementation (e.g. local or master PLC)
Life extension

Within the rehabilitation of complete plants, it is often requested to increase the life of existing rotating equipment. Thanks to its consolidated know-how, Termomeccanica can extend the life of old rotating machines for up to an additional 20 years provided that the ordinary maintenance is carried out regularly.
Click here to download the leaflet on our Life Extension service.

Product replacement
During the entire life cycle of a plant, it can become necessary to replace an old pump with a new one in order to update design, upgrade material, optimize hydraulics or restore/ improve the original pump operative conditions.
Termomeccanica Pompe can replace pumps from its own range or from other OEMs' with new improved ones, fully ensuring their compatibility with existing plant interfaces.
Product refitting
During the life cycle of a plant, a retrofit activity can be performed on an existing machine to adapt it to new plant's operative conditions, technological solutions or safety regulations. Termomeccanica can perform retrofit activities on its own pumps or those of other OEMs, by upgrading their design, material or hydraulics or by restoring/improving their original operative conditions while maitaining their compatibility with existing plant interfaces. Click here to download the leaflet on our Product Refitting service.
Energy saving

Termomeccanica Pompe can play a key role in industrial plants Energy Saving projects, which are a key part of sustainable development. In fact, pumping systems account for a high percentage of Water, Energy and Oil&Gas plants' total operating energy consumption.
To answer its customers needs, 
TMP has developed pumping systems Energy Saving services based on three main types of activities:

  • Optimization of use through operations at BEP
  • Mechanical parts modification / substitution
  • Hydraulics components modification/ substitution based on CFD study.
Monitoring & Diagnostics

Termomeccanica Pompe offers Predictive Maintenance monitoring & diagnostics services aimed at maximizing rotating machinery efficiency & reliability. TMP performs the survey & analysis of the main operating parameters & performance data, including vibrations, temperatures, pressures, etc. Surveys can be conducted either on site or in remote. In fact, TMP has recently developped Data Logger, an innovative remote monitoring system which combines the use of wireless technology for continuous data survey to AI-software support for statistically-based enhanced predictive analysis.

Technical Assistance and Long-term Service Agreements
Termomeccanica Pompe offers customized Long Term Service Agreements which can include the following services:
  • Spare parts supply price list
  • On-call field services
  • Maintenance supervision or maintenance turn-key solutions
  • Field engineering support (resident engineers, portable workshops, etc.)
  • Monitoring & Diagnostics systems

Contact our Service Division Sales Team for further information.

Global Service Contracts

TMP's Service Division recently launched a new performance based contract called Global Care, which allows the customized management & monitoring of the rotating machines installed in a plant based on a flexible modular system including:

  • The improvement of machine reliability (progressive increase of MTBR / MTBF)
  • The optimization of spare parts warehouse management (wear, strategic)
  • The reduction of maintenance costs (ordinary, extraordinary)
  • The identification of chronic criticalities and the elaboration of a relative improvement plan using the latest technologies & tools.

TMP’s Global Care contract perfectly integrates with plants’ cost reduction & energy saving programs guided by the current global energy efficiency & sustainability policies. 


Through its training courses, Termomeccanica Pompe actually puts its centennial experience at customers’ disposal to allow them to develop a deeper understanding of the machinery & systems supplied, improve maintenance activities and minimize life cycle operating costs.
The courses proposed follow a modular approach and can therefore be easily tailored to customers’ specific needs. They can be organized either in-person at TMP's HQ Training Center or at customers' facilities (including offshore) or in remote through secure VCC tools.
Click here to download our dedicated brochure