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TM.P.'s in-house Testing Facilities

TM.P.’s Test Centre covers a total area of 4.000 m² and allows to perform: 

  • Full scale performance tests on 100% of the pumps manufactured
  • Contractual model tests
  • Validation of new hydraulics for product development 

The Test Centre is equipped with 6 test loops which main features are:  

  • Maximum Test Capacity: 65000 m3/h
  • Maximum Test Power for Horizontal Pumps: up to 12 MW at 50 Hz and 4.5 MW at 60 Hz
  • Closed Circuit Test Installation for High Pressure and High Temperature up to 200C
  • Oil & Gas pumps:  Closed Circuit Test Installation for High Temperature up to 350C

Control Room:
Each test session is conducted from the control room which is equiped with a remote control system using analogic transducers and a series of analogic/ digital converters that allow to transfer and collect data from the test beds.